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We are often in a loud environment, sometimes text or email communication is the most efficient. Feel free to text or email questions, photos, etc.


Most bumpers are being built to order. Due to the high volume of orders, build times are approximately 4-5 weeks.  please contact us for up-to-date status.  

Still some remaining restrictions & partner vendor supply delays & shortages, some orders may take longer to process, manufacture, powder coat, and ship. Your bumper build starts as a clean sheet of plate steel on laser table  Some items may be in stock or vary on build time. Most THORAX racks in stock. 

Please be patient with your bumper and racks order, the manufacturer and powder coater are very busy and trying to pump out as many of these bumpers as possible, new hiring, production line has been updated, QUALITY & WORKMANSHIP will not be compromised to get an item out quickly.

Still some remaining Covid restrictions & partner vendor delays. Some orders may take longer to process, manufacture, powder coat, and ship.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE & LOYALTY.

UPDATE: January 1 2020: We have suspending DIY beadlock production.  Many thanks to all our past beadlock customers for your support in growing our business through the years!!