Gerry H. WINCH & LED PACKAGE (Ref Order: R210930173 -'08 GMC 2500 F+R)


Gerry H.        WINCH & LED PACKAGE 

R210930173 -   '08 GMC 2500 F+R)

- (1) SMITTYBILT X20 EVO Pro 12K Waterproof w/ synthetic line, synthetic specific low profile Hawse bumper fairlead, waterproof remote 

- (1) Pair olb True amber lense 3" LED pod light  (amber looking when off, amber/fog beam) 

- (3) Pair olb standard white light/clear lens 3" LED pod light $100 ea pair, 

Front bumper has Provisions for 6 lights, the rear bumper has spots for 2.  Rear bumper comes with special LED licence plate lights (LED/ fasteners)