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  • ANTI-WRAP - Universal HD Traction Bar Kit


    AXLE ANTI-WRAP - Universal HD Traction Bar Kit

    Here's a great anti wrap kit ready to build with proven design. Most commonly used with rear leaf sprung vehicles to control soft springs causing loss of traction when climbing or under hard acceleration. Eliminates unwanted & destructive pinion movement. 
     Extreme Duty Traction Bar Kit is sold with everything needed (see photos above) . Kit Requires Welding And Fabrication for installation.  Optional DOM tubing available.
    *Traction Bar Tubing is not included unless option selected.  Mandatory to contact us 1st for shipping quote with DOM. most builders supply their own locally supplied tube to save excess shipping cost & to get exact needed lengths 

    • Please select all options above to fit your exact needs
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    Universal Complete Traction Bar Kit (AXLE ANTI-WRAP KIT)

    This kit is sold complete with all components needed to complete the Installation. This kit is designed to be able to work on any vehicle you are wishing to install an anti axle wrap kit onto. All components are Laser cut and formed in house. Proven design works excellent and takes a heavy beating while doing it. 
    This traction bar kit is sold individually (one side). Only one kit per vehicle is needed, you do not need to run 2 kits on your axle, but if extra strength is needed you may. Very heavy duty, strong enough to handle large diesel trucks with high torque. Traction Bar Tubing is not included unless Selected.

    In our kit, The bushing pivot points are Energy Suspension bushings, and the main pivot point that takes all of the axles motion is a massive 1.25" Chromoly heim joint, with Stainless Steel high misalignment spacers- Ensuring you still get the articulation you had before installation of this kit.
    Welding is required to install this kit, however we have Included (2) 5/8" Mounting Holes on the frame mounting bracket, should you not want to weld directly to your vehicle's frame or crossmember.

    Manufactured 100% in the USA, Including the Hardware and Bushings.
    Traction Bar Kit Includes-
    -(2)- 3/8" Laser Cut Axle Side Bushing Brackets
    -(3)- 2"OD X 2.625" Mounting Width Bushing Housings, With Energy Suspension Black Bushings, 9/16" Bolt Sleeves

    -(1)- 1/4" Laser cut and formed Frame Bushing Mount

    -(2)- 3/8" Laser Cut Shackles(Mounts From Frame Mount to Traction Bar)

    -(1)- Complete 1.25" 4130 Chromoly Hiem Joint w/ Stainless Steel High Misalignment Spacers, Tube Adapter, And Jam nut. (Used At Pivot Point)

    -(1)- Complete 7/8" 4130 Chromoly Hiem Joint w/ Stainless Steel High Misalignment Spacers, Tube Adapter, And Jam nut. (Used At Mid Joint Point)

    -(1)- 1/4" Laser Cut and Formed 2" Mounting Width Tube Bracket (Mounts 7/8" Joint To 2" Main Tube)

    -(4)- Grade 8 9/16" Hardware W/ Nylock Nuts and Washers

    -If Tube is Selected, This Kit will also include 1026 DOM 2"X.250" Lower Main Bar, and 1026 DOM 1.5"X.250 Upper Brace Bar.


    Axle Tube Size - Select the closest axle tube diameter to you rear axle tubes actual size 

    Include DOM Tube - We give you the option to include the tube with your kit, select the appropriate needed length, tube can easily be cut shorter if needed

    Front Shackle Drop size - Most common is our standard 3", If you think you need longer shackles to help with large lifts or just your specific configuration, oversized springs, or frame provisions, select the size you need,